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Beitrittsdatum: 29. Sept. 2022


A sensitive matter like buying FIFA coins for the ones who just started playing FIFA 23 or it's their first time buying FIFA coins must be handled by professionals. EA monitors all the activities in FIFA accounts and the suspicious ones will lead to permanent banning. There is no way to take your account back after this.

So, it is important to find reliable sellers that can guarantee legal FIFA coins that won’t get you in trouble with EA. Players can buy FIFA coins from any EA-approved seller.

WhatsGaming is a trustworthy online platform to get Xbox, PS4, PS5, and PC coins in FIFA. You can visit Trustami and Trustpilot to read their reviews about WhatsGaming. On a daily basis, we transfer hundreds of FUT 23 coins to worldwide accounts. We guarantee your account anyway. You will be guaranteed 48hours after the delivery. So visit WhatsGaming now!

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